It’s been awhile, but here’s a Laci Kay Somers update!

So it’s been awhile. No, we’re not dead. Perhaps we’ll get to that story.  The important thing right now is we give you an update the great lady who inspired all this. Laci Kay Somers! Still the hardest working, still the best! If somehow you aren’t on the team Laci yet (seems impossible) we figured we’d show you some of the great stuff she offers. If you’re already on the team (more probable) and haven’t yet you may want to through your support through her newest venue, Patreon. This allows fans to take an active role in the career of their favorite. Link below.  If you needed any incentive, check out this great video from her YouTube Page, which you should also subscribe to. Hint. Hint. missed our original feature (shame on you!), we’ll give you the link for that too!

Diva Spotlight #1: Laci Kay Somers -Original feature

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Diva Spotlight #8: Iryna Ivanova

Miss us ? We missed you too! But we were gone with good reason. As stated a few times here at Diva Spotlight, we are only going to present you with the all-around BEST! No page-fillers here! Only women who will knock your socks off in every way possible and deserve this special spotlight. Iryna Ivanova is certainly one of the those women! Let’s break it down!

#1-Self-made. While Iryna has has great success it’s more than her smoldering good looks. Born in Russia, Iryna moved the US at just 16 years of age. She attended the University of Arizona and in August 2011 made Playboy Playmate of The Month. Not resting on her laurels she would go on to appear many of Playboy’s global editions, as well as magaizes such as the south African edition of Maxim

#2-Fun-Loving. As seen on her wildly popular Snapchat while Iryna can certainly do sexy with the best of them, she makes sure to keep it fun, first and foremost. Whether it’s teaching her fans words in Russian, bra shopping, goofing around, riding in the car, or yes showing off her word-famous overflowing cleavage (nothing wrong with that!) Iryna is also smiling and having fun. It’s contagious as watching her puts a smile on many a viewer’s face!

#3-Real. Not to sound like a broken record but no phonies allowed at Diva Spotlight! Tying into the above Iryna isn’t afraid to let it all hang out figuratively or even literally. She also frequently and happily answers fan questions of her social media pages. Iryna realizes her strong supportive fan base plays an important role in her success and clearly appreciates them.

#4-Uses every resource available to her. We’ve said it before. Looking good (OK so Iryna looks fantastic, stick with us) is only part of the battle. Iryna uses every online resource to it’s best capabilities including the aforementioned Snapchat, Instagram ,  Facebook, and yes her own official website! All are up to date loaded with great content to sure to please any fan.

#5-The obvious. Another reason Iryna was destined to make our spotlight. Iryna just doesnt look good. She doesn’t even just look “model” good. She looks like a brilliant artist sculpted or drew her and she came to life, as if from a dream. “Breathtaking” is really the only word we can find that fits! We’re sure by now you’re ready to roll out of here and check out this vivacious vixen for yourself. Your wish is our command.

Official Website of Iryna Ivanova

Official Facebook Page of Iryna Ivanova


Instagram @PlaymateIryna

Snapchat (mobile) @playmateiryna

More Irnya around the web

Iryna at Babepedia

Iryna is at Freeones

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Diva Spotlight #7: Cherry Dana


Yes, we admit, we slacked a bit for the month of April. You might have even thought you were only getting one update instead on two.
Nope! We’re back and as always we think this will have been worth that wait. This week we take a look at the Australian snapchat sensation, Cherry Dana.
So what has made this young lady such a sensation? We can name a few reasons.

#1-Smile creator! When we first saw Dana’s various social media, while her look immediately jumped out at us, these two words were present and made us take notice. A gorgeous girl who derives pleasure not just from making herself happy but doing what she can to make others happy. Of course her amazing pictures and videos go a long way towards making many people very, very happy present company included.

#2-Unfiltered, uncensored and that’s a good thing. Dana holds nothing back. We can’t emphasize this point enough. Her snapchats range from goofy, to sexy to all out parties we can only imagine being at. Whether you’re looking for a pick me up, or want to live vicariously through someone this is your girl!

#3-Shows her ass, literally and figuratively. Tying into the above it’s not uncommon to see Dana in the course of having fun, stumble, almost lose a strategically placed towel, etc. It’s not only wildly amusing, it proves she’s human and it’s a side many models aren’t willing to show. Then there’s the fact she seems to love showing us her superior posterior as much as we like checking it out. Win-win!

#4-Active on her social media and posts great content. Whether it’s snapchat, instagram, twitter or any other platform Dana never disappoints with what she posts and she posts often. While she always leaves her many fans wanting more they know they won’t have to wait long and they’ll be getting something good when the update happens.

#5-Great attitude. We love the fact that Dana is willing to laugh at herself make others laugh in the process and is always upbeat. She once described herself as “sexually perverted and slightly insane”. Sounds good to us! Now go make sure you go to the links below where you can see all the hi-jinks for yourself.

Official website of Cherry Dana

Official facebook of Cherry Dana

Instagram @CherryDana27

Snapchat @cherrydana27 (mobile app)

Twitter @CherryDana27

Connect Pal: Get exclusive content and connect with Dana!

More Cherry Dana links

Cherry Dana is at Freeones

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Diva Spotlight #6: Miranda Kinsey

We’re back! This time we’re doing something a little different. For our previous articles we’ve taken a look for at models you probably already knew. This time we are taking a look with at someone with big dreams but a bigger heart who you may not have seen yet. If you are familiar with Miranda Kinsey already we congratulate you on your excellent taste. If this is your first time seeing Miranda  we say “you’re welcome” and read on. Let’s get to the rundown.

1-Real! As always if someone isn’t real you won’t see them here. The internet is filled with fake girls who don’t need anymore undeserved attention then they already get. One of Miranda’s credos is “real recognizes real” which we totally agree with. Her snapchat is proof of this as whether it’s showing her sexy side, just having fun or occasionally just saying what’s on her mind, Miranda shows the people that follow her nothing but her real self.

2-Focused. If you have seen any of Miranda’s social media, you know her dream is to appear in Playboy. What you may not know is that is has been her dream since Junior High. How many people decide they want something that early in life and take it into adulthood? Only a select few and Miranda is one of them. Side note: Playboy, what are you waiting for, this girl is a knockout from head to toe!

3-Family first. Miranda is definitely in the “don’t judge a book by it’s cover” category. She counts family as something she could never do without and is a proud and loving mother herself. To say that is admirable is an understatement.

4-Outgoing. Something else we love in a beautiful woman! Miranda is a fun person who loves meeting new people. Some girls get so caught up in their looks whatever beauty they have is diminished by their personality (or lack of it). Miranda’s positive attitude makes her outward beauty radiate even more.

5-The obvious. When we first came across Miranda photos we were floored. A statuesque beauty with a gorgeous face, sparkling eyes, curves any women would kill for and any man  would admire, our only question was “how did it take us so long so see this woman?” Tying into the above it’s an extra treat for those who follow her that Miranda has no problem giving her followers an eyeful of her bountiful assets. Whether your a boob or butt man (or woman for that matter) Miranda’s got you covered.

Don’t believe us though, below is where you can see more of Miranda.



fbicon@Miranda.Kinsey.5 (Click on “follow”)


Diva Spotlight #5: Carrie LaChance


We’re back and ready to hit you with the latest lady deserving off the spotlight and the Diva honor. When we are looking someone to present, we are generally looking for someone who excels across the board. Someone who knows who to effectively use every means available to make people take notice. Someone who who does all this, and gives their fans what they want while doing it. Carrie LaChance fits this description, makes it look easy and looks like she was sculpted out of granite while doing it! So let’s go through what puts Carrie at the top of a crowded pack.

#1-That body! Despite the great deal of time Carrie spends on social media (more on that later) Carrie keeps herself in top shape and it shows. We don’t know what her workout schedule or meal plan is but to say it works would be an understatement. Carrie looks like what many a man dream of, except she’s no figment of anyone’s imagination: she’s living, breathing, walking, talking perfection!

#2-Has a website, maintains it, and pushes it heavily. While social media is important (patience, we’ll get there) at the end of the day no matter how popular you get, you are basically renting space from an owner. An owner who can arbitrarily decide what you can/can’t post and even take your accounts away no matter how much work you’ve put into them. To this end Carrie makes sure to promote her website on all her social media outlets. The icing on this cake is when you actually visit the website it’s fantastic and completely lives up to the hype.

#3-Effective use of social media. We’re here! Carrie’s social media outlets are filled with great content for her fans. She keeps everyone up to date on her travels and posts plenty of pics to keep everyone satisfied/coming back. She also has one of the hottest snapchat accounts going, where she frequently post snaps from her bed and shows every inch of her previously mentioned body while wearing little or nothing at all! It’s again like watching a dream come to life.

#4-Variety. While some models excel with a certain look, Carrie kills every last one of them! Whether it’s a teeny bikini, sexy lingerie, form-fitting latex or anything in between we have yet to see any look Carrie doesn’t completely slay in. The phrase “something for everyone” certainly applies here. If you’re like us though, you love ’em all! How could you not?

#5-Fan appreciation. No spotlight is complete without mentioning the fans. The ones who make all of it possible. Carrie understands this and frequently runs sales on her website. This aren’t small sales either as 50% off is not uncommon!    Now that we’ve given you the rundown below is where you can find Carrie official sites.

Carrie’s Official Site (Must see!)

Carrie’s Official Facebook Fan Page

Follow Carrie on Twitter

Carrie’s Instagram

Carrie’s YouTube Channel

Snapchat @CarrieLaChance (must add!)


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Diva Spotlight #4: Tara Babcock

For the fourth installment of Diva Spotlight we wanted to chose someone who not only deserves the spotlight but to be blunt might be one of the of most misunderstood women online. Which is a shame because Tara Babcock is the ultimate total package and how anyone could do anything except absolutely love her is beyond us! So let’s run down what makes Tara stand out.

#1-In the past articles we’ve talked about being “real”. Tara beings this concept to a whole  new level! While we’ve only been able to check out a few of Tara’s YouTube videos we can’t be anything but impressed by her candor. It not only seemed like no topic was off the table but Tara happily answered everything thrown at her and did so with a smile on her face!

#2-Believes in the old adage “if you’ve got it flaunt it”. Tara works hard on her body and is rightfully proud of it. Proud enough she has no problem showing off her killer curves! As a bonus she appreciates ANY positive comment she is given as it relates to her body or her looks. Too often beautiful women become bored with being told they are beautiful or worse take compliments about their beauty in a negative way because the person isn’t seeing them “on the inside”. While we fully endorse the notion you should like a women for everything they have offer, inside and out sometimes it’s fun to enjoy someone on a purely visual level!

#3-Hardcore gamer! One big topic discussed online is whether certain girls are “true” gamers or not. For the most part, while admittedly not our area  of expertise, we feel it’s like anything else: If someone does not have true enthusiasm for something it’s going to show through pretty quickly. Checking out Tara’s Facebook page, listening to her talk about games in general, or watching her actual gaming videos it’s clear she has a passion for it.

#4-Takes care of her fans. Tara knows how important her supporters are and always wants to make sure they are rewarded for supporting her. Aside from regularly engaging the community Tara does something, I have yet to see any other model/gamer, etc do. She has a series of videos called” Fan Service Fridays” where she literally gives fans the gratuitous shots they’ve asked for. It has to be pretty liberating/fulfilling as a fan to say ” I want shots of *fill in the blank* and have Tara happily oblige.

#5-Behind that bodacious body is one hell of a brain! Making this #5 in no way diminishes it’s significance. Tara is one smart cookie who kept up with the times, and knows how to market herself. As we’ve said before this important for fans to ensure they continue to enjoy the person’s (in the case Tara’s) work for years to come.

All that said here’s where you can check out Tara’s official sites around the web.

Tara’s Official Site

Tara’s Official Facebook Page

Tara’s Gamer Channel at Twitch TV

Tara’s Main YouTube Channel

Tara Vlogs (The juicy stuff!)

Tara’s Instagram

Tara on Steam

Tara links around the web

Tara at Babepedia

Tara is at Freeones



Diva Spotlight #3: Dana Hamm

Welcome to the third installment of Diva Spotlight. My name is Mike Parker, the creator of the “TWV Divas” and “World’s Hottest Women” websites. When the owner of this site contacted me about opening it I was skeptical but willing to give my support. I also suggested a couple of names for future features. One of those names was Dana Hamm. A few weeks later they dropped the bomb on me. Would I be willing to come out of retirement to pen said feature? Given that there a few people in the industry I hold in as high esteem as Dana my answer was of course , a resounding “yes!” Having read the first two features on this site I’ll run it down in that format. So on that note, what is it that makes Dana stand out?

1-Saying that Dana is working model is an understatement. Dana is much more than that, she is one the few ICONS in the modeling industry. From magazines to digital to everything in between Dana has done it all and continues her unprecedented success after a decade and a half long career. Also notable is the fact Dana’s commitment to quality never wavers, you’ll never see in involved with a sub-par project!

2-More than just a model Dana is also a creator starting her own photography Iconic Beauty Images which not only produces top quality content for professionals but can even give your everyday person a professional photo shoot! These aren’t just any shoots either. While the standard bikini type shoots are available Dana’s company offers everything from historic “Route 66” shoots to even shoots with exotic animals. The imagery here is just off the charts, as you can see from the below samples.


3-Business minded. You’ll see a lot of women come and go in the modeling world. The reason? These ladies generally turn out to be pretty girls who don’t understand they are in a world of pretty girls, and while look is important it won’t take you (and keep you) on top. Realizing that modeling is a business and you need to treat it like one will.

4-Still understands the importance of her supporters. A while back Dana was presented with a fabulous opportunity that would have seen here go “off the grid” for a bit. I know this because she actually posted it on her social media asking her supporters if she should do it since it meant she would be gone for awhile. Proving even her fan base was above average the consensus was “go for it”.

5-Loyalty. Here’s where my personal experience comes in. Dana and I pretty much started the same year and within a few years she was working me with me not only appearing on my Divas website but giving me other models to feature as well. She also appeared on my WHW website. A lot of models only care about today’s hottest thing is. Going back to some of my other points Dana much smarter than that. She knows if the person themselves is of a high caliber , any project they work on will likely be too.

Here’s where you find Dana’s official pages.

Dana’s Official Facebook Page

Iconic Beauty Images: Dana’s photography company

Dana’s Instagram

Dana around the web

Dana at Babepedia


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Sorry for the delay and big news!

First, everyone here at the Diva Spotlight team would like to apologize for the delay in getting a new feature up. While our first two choices were easy, picking Spotlight #3 was not so easy. With that said, we have big news to share. Not only to do we have no less than an icon in the modeling industry for you next week, we have even gotten someone special to write it. Again, we apologize for the wait but promise you it will be worth it!

Diva Spotlight #2: Analicia Chaves a.k.a. Ana Montana

The second ever Diva Spotlight here! After our first feature you had to wonder how we would follow up. It was actually an easy choice. This time we present the amazing Analicia Chaves also known as Ana Montana. By any name she is a perfect 10! But as is the theme here it’s more than her incredible looks that make her stand out.

#1: This girl is REAL AF! Heard it before? There’s a reason for that, it counts a lot with us! While she has no problem calling out those who, quite frankly deserve it, she also has no problem accommodating those who may want to say hi, take a picture or talk to her.  She is confident (deservedly so, and one needs an abundance to succeed as a top model) but not arrogant.

#2: Multi-Dimensional. While there are the usual snapchats of Ana and friends out an about (and there’s nothing wrong with that) Ana has also participated and help organize family-friendly events.

#3: Working model. At the risk of beating a dead horse, while she takes a mean selfie, she does pro shoots which is more for fans to enjoy and generally means she’ll be around for years to come. It also means she her takes career and the modeling profession seriously. While we all love admiring the end product without dedicated models (and other industry professionals such as photographers) this world we love doesn’t continue without them. She has also appeared in a number of popular music videos.

#4: The obvious. If we could “weird science”a girl (look it up it kids) she would pretty much look like Ana. From top to bottom this girl’s look and body are ON POINT.

#5: Accessibility: Ana frequently updates her snapchat with everything from pro shoots to workouts to just hanging out and pretty much everything in between. This in addition to the usual other social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram. If you are a follower/admirer of Ana’s you can’t complain about a lack of updates and/or content. For those wanting something on a more personal level Ana makes herself available on services like connectpal and chatstar. While some would complain about paying to use those services, we think it’s a great option to give to fans who want to participate. It’s also a bit old school (which we love) as back when we started following the modeling scene there were services like Keen and InfoRocket. Those of us who were around and used these services were able to get to know those we previously only knew online on a more personal level and in a way that isn’t possible even with social media today.

If you’ve been living in a cave and aren’t already following Ana here are the links to do so.

Ana Montana’s World: Official Ana Merchandise

Instagram: ana_montana

Snapchat: ana_montanna

ChatStar: Talk to Ana!

ConnectPal: Exclusive content from Ana and interact with her directly.

Ana’s Official Twitter

Ana at other sites