Diva Spotlight #1: Laci Kay Somers

For the first ever Divas Spotlight I picked someone who is my current (and millions of others) favorite model, the incomparable Laci Kay Somers. Beyond the obvious the there are few things that make Laci stands out from the pack.

#1: Fan Interaction: For those who have never used SnapChat (if not, Laci is reason enough to download the app) Laci does something I can only describe as amazingly cool. She will ask her followers to comment their snap name on her 3 million strong Instagram account and then pick fans to send a personal direct message to! While admittedly playing what I call the “Laci Kay Lottery” could dishearten some fans who haven’t “won” yet it’s a damn cool thing to do and I can only imagine the excitement of those who receive a message. Laci also regularly holds contests for fans to win her merch. You often hear about public figures forgetting who brought them to the dance. No danger of that with Laci.

#2: She real as f*ck and acts like an actual person. The aforementioned Snapchat is infamous for girls in skimpy clothing (not that there’s anything that) partying it up. While Laci still throws out some sexy snaps you’re just as likely to see something more “day in the life” oriented or see her with her family.

#4: She’s built a brand. Sure if you’re an exceptionally beautiful woman you have a leg up and an “in” to get in the modeling industry. What happens next is a measure of the person. Laci has built her name/brand to level most models dream of through hard work and quite frankly being original. Which is has led to many a copycat. Having watched this industry for a long time, that NEVER works. Laci didn’t get to where she is by copying someone else she was HERSELF.

#5: The obvious. Laci’s time in the gym really makes her body stand out. Really overall there’s one word which sums up Laci’s look and to a degree Laci herself: Flawless!

If you’re somehow not following Laci already here are the links to do so.

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I’ll get right to it. I am longtime fan of fitness/playboy type models and after years of fandom, I wanted to do more. Part of this is a natural extension of being a fan and the fact I feel there a few sites today that that recognize these great ladies. It wasn’t always that way. Back before social media, (early 2000’s) there plenty of awesome websites to browse like Babes.net, Body-Rockin’, The Personal Webmodel Collection (say that ten times fast), Remo’s Angels and the mack daddy of model sites, TWV Divas. For those who weren’t around, Divas was amazing. If you bought any major magazine of the day, the same models in those magazines were all under the Divas roof. There were even girls on the actress level in actual MOVIES. I could go on about all day, but needless to say it’s what this blog is named after.

So what I am going to do here? I’ve got a few ideas. First and foremost though I’m going to try and shine the spotlight on these girls the way they did it back in the day. The right way. While I want us all to have fun on this journey and I hope also provide an education. There are pretty girls everywhere. Many call themselves “models”, but in my only down note, it’s more a self-appointed designation for many than an actual profession. The girls presented here will have earned their stripes (or are working to) and will be worthy of not only the name model but what I still consider the highest designation of all: Diva!

First up will someone who is currently one of my personal favorites. Someone not only has meets the criteria outlined but has masterfully used modern media to create a brand. Who you say? You’ll have to come back to see. But I promise you you WILL NOT be sorry!