Diva Spotlight #5: Carrie LaChance


We’re back and ready to hit you with the latest lady deserving off the spotlight and the Diva honor. When we are looking someone to present, we are generally looking for someone who excels across the board. Someone who knows who to effectively use every means available to make people take notice. Someone who who does all this, and gives their fans what they want while doing it. Carrie LaChance fits this description, makes it look easy and looks like she was sculpted out of granite while doing it! So let’s go through what puts Carrie at the top of a crowded pack.

#1-That body! Despite the great deal of time Carrie spends on social media (more on that later) Carrie keeps herself in top shape and it shows. We don’t know what her workout schedule or meal plan is but to say it works would be an understatement. Carrie looks like what many a man dream of, except she’s no figment of anyone’s imagination: she’s living, breathing, walking, talking perfection!

#2-Has a website, maintains it, and pushes it heavily. While social media is important (patience, we’ll get there) at the end of the day no matter how popular you get, you are basically renting space from an owner. An owner who can arbitrarily decide what you can/can’t post and even take your accounts away no matter how much work you’ve put into them. To this end Carrie makes sure to promote her website carrielachance.com on all her social media outlets. The icing on this cake is when you actually visit the website it’s fantastic and completely lives up to the hype.

#3-Effective use of social media. We’re here! Carrie’s social media outlets are filled with great content for her fans. She keeps everyone up to date on her travels and posts plenty of pics to keep everyone satisfied/coming back. She also has one of the hottest snapchat accounts going, where she frequently post snaps from her bed and shows every inch of her previously mentioned body while wearing little or nothing at all! It’s again like watching a dream come to life.

#4-Variety. While some models excel with a certain look, Carrie kills every last one of them! Whether it’s a teeny bikini, sexy lingerie, form-fitting latex or anything in between we have yet to see any look Carrie doesn’t completely slay in. The phrase “something for everyone” certainly applies here. If you’re like us though, you love ’em all! How could you not?

#5-Fan appreciation. No spotlight is complete without mentioning the fans. The ones who make all of it possible. Carrie understands this and frequently runs sales on her website. This aren’t small sales either as 50% off is not uncommon!    Now that we’ve given you the rundown below is where you can find Carrie official sites.

Carrie’s Official Site (Must see!)

Carrie’s Official Facebook Fan Page

Follow Carrie on Twitter

Carrie’s Instagram

Carrie’s YouTube Channel

Snapchat @CarrieLaChance (must add!)

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Diva Spotlight #4: Tara Babcock

For the fourth installment of Diva Spotlight, we wanted to choose someone who not only deserves the spotlight but to be blunt might be one of the of most misunderstood women online. Which is a shame because Tara Babcock is the ultimate total package and how anyone could do anything except absolutely love her is beyond us! So let’s run down what makes Tara stand out.

#1-In the past articles we’ve talked about being “real”. Tara brings this concept to a whole new level! While we’ve only been able to check out a few of Tara’s YouTube videos we can’t be anything but impressed by her candor. It not only seemed like no topic was off the table but Tara happily answered everything thrown at her and did so with a smile on her face!

#2-Believes in the old adage “if you’ve got it flaunt it”. Tara works hard on her body and is rightfully proud of it. Proud enough she has no problem showing off her killer curves! As a bonus,she appreciates ANY positive comment she is given as it relates to her body or her looks. Too often beautiful women become bored with being told they are beautiful or worse take compliments about their beauty in a negative way because the person isn’t seeing them “on the inside”. While we fully endorse the notion you should like a woman for everything they have to offer, inside and out sometimes it’s fun to enjoy someone on a purely visual level!

#3-Hardcore gamer! One big topic discussed online is whether certain girls are “true” gamers or not. For the most part, while admittedly not our area of expertise, we feel it’s like anything else: If someone does not have true enthusiasm for something it’s going to show through pretty quickly. Checking out Tara’s Facebook page, listening to her talk about games in general, or watching her actual gaming videos it’s clear she has a passion for it.

#4-Takes care of her fans. Tara knows how important her supporters are and always wants to make sure they are rewarded for supporting her. Aside from regularly engaging the community Tara does something, I have yet to see any other model/gamer, etc do. She has a series of videos called” Fan Service Fridays” where she literally gives fans the gratuitous shots they’ve asked for. It has to be pretty liberating/fulfilling as a fan to say ” I want shots of *fill in the blank* and have Tara happily oblige.

#5-Behind that bodacious body is one hell of a brain! Making this #5 in no way diminishes its significance. Tara is one smart cookie who kept up with the times and knows how to market herself. As we’ve said before this important for fans to ensure they continue to enjoy the person’s (in the case Tara’s) work for years to come.

All that said here’s where you can check out Tara’s official sites around the web.

Tara’s Official Site

Tara’s Official Facebook Page

Tara’s Gamer Channel at Twitch TV

Tara’s Main YouTube Channel

Tara Vlogs (The juicy stuff!)

Tara’s Instagram

Tara on Steam

Tara’s Patreon (FSF Videos & more)

Tara links around the web

Tara at Babepedia

Tara is at Freeones