Quick Look: Claudette Monroe

Welcome back Diva fans! We’ve got another edition of Quick Look for you and it may be our best one yet! Because this week we are looking at the curvaceous Claudette Monroe!

When we found Claudette on Instagram, and started checking out her photos we became more pleased with each photo we saw. Why? Because while we’ve had the pleasure of seeing a number of fanatastic females “push the envelope”, we have seen few do it to the degree Claudette does. From form-fitting dresses, teeny bikinis that can barely contain Claudette’s fabulous form, to almost nothing at all Claudette not only leaves little to the imagination, she ignites it! She’s also keenly aware her followers can’t enough of peerless peaks so she makes sure to showcase them at every opportunity. Claudette tops all this off with  provocative posing sure to overwhelm your senses. In the course of all this Claudette has perfomed what we feel is the most impressive feat to date of any model featured on this website: Complete and total fan satisfaction! While we promote positivity here, it’s not uncommon to go on someone’s page and find fans thirsty for more than what’s being shown. There is none of that on Claudette’s page as she has not only met but surpassed her follower’s expectations.

Of course we’d be remiss to not to mention something we find extremely important here at the Spotlight: character. We are happy to report Claudette has it spades! While she refers to herself as a “part time” and “pretend” model she actually an accomplished professional who is in demand for photo shoots. We can only call than the mark of a truly humble person. It’s also clear at the end of the day Claudette shares the same mission we do: to promote postivity and put smiles of people’s faces. We’d say she’s doing a great job at that. With that in mind be sure to visit the links below so Claudette can put a smile on your face. Just make sure you’ve taken a cold shower and don’t have a weak heart. Because what we’ve shown you here is only what we can show you. Yes, it gets BETTER! Thank us later. We’ll see you in next week when the spotlight returns with a brand-new Diva with a special guest writer!

Instagram @MissClaudetteMonroe

Twitter @MissMonroeXO (Tip: Check out ALL the media)

Back up Instagram @ClaudetteMonroeXO

Model Mayhem @ClaudetteMonroe

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Claudette at other sites

Claudette is at Freeones

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