Quick Look: Kristy Ann



Miss us? We’re back with the latest edition of Quick Look and as always we hope to make it our best yet! We actually had not planned to showcase this lovely young lady, the ultra curvy Kristy Ann for a few weeks but she’s impressed us so much, we could not delay bringing her to you another moment! In fact, the only thing keeping Kristy from a full-fledged spotlight is this is one woman who prefers to let her work do the talking!

On that note, her pictures certainly say quite a bit! Kristy is great at striking the perfect provocative pose that hits all the right notes and completely captivates the viewer.  She’s also no one no one-note wonder as Kristy can rock anything from a bikini to lingerie to form-fitting clothing and beyond. It’s no wonder Kristy’s lethal combination of luscious looks, bodacious bod, and ability to “speak” to the camera have made her a popular choice for many magazines, including covers.

So all that said how does she measure up to our biggest challenge? The key ingredient that decides who we share with you, our valued reader and who we won’t? That, of course, is character. In this respect, we give Kristy nothing less than a perfect score. While her pictures drew us in (naturally) it was her constant engagement with her loyal Instagram followers that really made us take notice. We also loved the fact the Kristy has no problem showing off the fact that she is a proud wife and mother. Too often, models are portrayed in a negative light, due to the belief they only care about superficial things. Kristy clearly breaks this mold by not shying away from being a family woman and in turn, being a great representative for the industry as a whole. Now we know what you’ve been waiting for.  The links baby! The places where you can keep up with Kristy Ann and see more of here eye-popping pics. We have you covered below. Just make sure you’ve got time to kill, as there is no shortage of them!

Official Facebook Page

Instagram@ModelKristyAnn-Hot pics galore!

Kristy Ann at Model Mayhem

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Kristy at other sites

Kristy is at Freeones



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