Quick Look: Debra A. Johnson


What’s up Diva lovers? We’re back with the very first edition of Quick Look for 2018. After the amazing assortment of the fantastic females, we gave you in 2017, we once again had a tough choice to make on how to kick off the new year. However, as update time approached the choice became clear. We give you someone who has been upping their game on a near-weekly basis. Someone who has made us take notice. She’s blonde, she’s buff, she’s beautiful, get ready for Debra. A. Johnson to knock your socks off, rock your world, and leave you breathless!

While it goes without saying a model must keep themselves in top physical condition, there’s often a line that’s tough to navigate: how much is “too much” before it infringes upon the femininity the audience craves? Debra not only walks this line perfectly but completely and utters owns it! It’s clear Debra takes great pride in this and uses her popular Instagram to share her fine form with an ever-growing legion of grateful followers.

Debra’s no-holds-barred approach to her images is really what topped things off for us. We were hard-pressed to find a photo where Debra wasn’t going full-throttle for the camera. These are the types of photos that not only make you remember the person but even the image itself. In all this, Debra makes sure each image is unique, you’re not just getting the same few poses in different outfits. What’s that? You’re sold and want to see more? Look no further than the link below. Happiness awaits your eyes!


Backup Instagram @Just_Debra_A2

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