Quick Look: Madison Gordon

Welcome back! We’re three months into 2018 and we’re not even close to slowing down yet. That’s because this week we bring another gift from down under. In the tradition of Cherry Dana and Kasey Hill we present the magnificent Madison Gordon!

First things first, we want to admit we’ve been admirers of the marvelous Ms. Gordon for some time. The fact that we are living in a golden age of fantastic females is the only thing that’s kept us from showcasing this sexy sweetie sooner.

There’s so many things to love about Madison, but what really about love is her unique look. Combining a breathtaking body, with girl next door good looks, Madison presents an alluring package that draws you in, yet immediately puts you at ease. She tops this all off with the sweetest smile know to man.

Madison never fails to please to her loyal Instagram followers (approaching 1 million at the time of this writing) and it’s easy to see why. Of course she wouldn’t here if she didn’t pass our “character” test with flying colors! That smile Madison flashes isn’t just for the cameras, it’s genuine and it shows. Despite her ever-growing following, Madison never fails to engage with and acknowledge her fans. That’s something many women with not half the following fail to do. Either because they’ve given up, or quite frankly feel they’ve gotten what they wanted and no longer need to make the effort. Not our girl Madison! She knows how important continued support is and shows her appreciation on a consistent basis. Want to support Madison yourself? Just follow her at the links below . Wouldn’t it be cool if YOU were the millionth follower? Better hurry, because this girl gains fans quickly folks!


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