Hello Diva fans, unfortunately we are not as “up” as usual for this update. Reason being we are sad to announce that while the site will remain open, this will be the last update for the foreseeable future. On that note we wanted to say “Thank you” to the many, many of you who visit this site and had made it a huge success. Even now. We want to also thank the many great ladies we’ve featured in the last 4 and half years. Needless to say without the support of model and fan alike we could not have achieved the heights we have.

That said we want to go out on as high a note as possible. We are leaving  you for now, with a “great 18” that we feel best represent the what we have presented over the years.

Top row: Texas Vixen Debra A. Johnson “Sweet Té” Thais Gonzalez

Second Row: Laci Kay Somers (top) Ana Montana (bottom) Maria Cedar

Third Row: Stefani Somers (w/sister Laci Kay) Payton Scott (top right) Ana Braga (bottom right)

Fourth Row: Ms. Palomares Claudette Monroe Holly Valentine Christy Lee

Fifth Row: Gizel Dana Hamm

Sixth Row: Iryna Ivanova Brittanya Razavi Brianna Marie Dale

Please enjoy these ladies, their updates and the many others we’ve featured on these pages. We hope that circumstances improve and we can return one day.