Quick Look: Coral Springs

What’s up Diva fans? Confused? Why is isn’t this a regular Spotlight? Isn’t this tradionally a hype week? Keep reading, all your questions will be answered!

Pulling back the curtain a bit, we’ve been thrown a couple of curveballs recently. Namely we’ve had some passionate fans suggest some gorgeous gals to us, but these ladies for one reason or another did not have enough out there for us to give them a full-on review. However these lovely ladies were just too good for us to not showcase them in some capacity. Case in point: The subject our first ever Quick Look, Coral Springs!

When Coral was suggested to us, we immediately knew she had the right stuff! Flowing blond hair, a bright smile that lights up her beautiful face, and an awesome beach body she’s not afraid to show off! One fan even declared he had seen “the perfect ass”! We’ll let you be the judge of that. You can also see the fun Coral is having in her photos. As we’ve stated in the past it doesn’t matter how the good the model looks if they look bored in their photos. Whether is it’s fun or flat-out sexy, it’s obvious Coral is having a great time and it shows!

Of course to be on this website you need more than to great look on the outside, anyone featured on these pages needs to have matching beauty inside as well. We’re happy to report that Coral passed that test with flying colors! While like a lot of models these days, she participates in pay apps for her hardcore fans, we were very impressed with how she interacted on Twitter with her loyal followers and the amount of “preview” content that was readily available. In fact the pictures you see here are from said Twitter account. Sold? Great let’s get to the links!

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Diva Spotlight #2: Analicia Chaves a.k.a. Ana Montana


The second ever Diva Spotlight here! After our first feature you had to wonder how we would follow up. It was actually an easy choice. This time we present the amazing Analicia Chaves also known as Ana Montana. By any name she is a perfect 10! But as is the theme here it’s more than her incredible looks that make her stand out.

#1: This girl is REAL AF! Heard it before? There’s a reason for that, it counts a lot with us! While she has no problem calling out those who, quite frankly deserve it, she also has no problem accommodating those who may want to say hi, take a picture or talk to her.  She is confident (deservedly so, and one needs an abundance to succeed as a top model) but not arrogant.

#2: Multi-Dimensional. While there are the usual snapchats of Ana and friends out an about (and there’s nothing wrong with that) Ana has also participated and help organize family-friendly events.

#3: Working model. At the risk of beating a dead horse, while she takes a mean selfie, she does pro shoots which is more for fans to enjoy and generally means she’ll be around for years to come. It also means she her takes career and the modeling profession seriously. While we all love admiring the end product without dedicated models (and other industry professionals such as photographers) this world we love doesn’t continue without them. She has also appeared in a number of popular music videos.

#4: The obvious. If we could “weird science” a girl (look it up it kids) she would pretty much look like Ana. From top to bottom this girl’s look and body are ON POINT.

#5: Accessibility: Ana frequently updates her snapchat with everything from pro shoots to workouts to just hanging out and pretty much everything in between. This in addition to the usual other social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram. If you are a follower/admirer of Ana’s you can’t complain about a lack of updates and/or content. For those wanting something on a more personal level, Ana makes herself available on services like chatstar. While some would complain about paying to use those services, we think it’s a great option to give to fans who want to participate. It’s also a bit old school (which we love) as back when we started following the modeling scene there were services like Keen and InfoRocket. Those of us who were around and used these services were able to get to know those we previously only knew online on a more personal level and in a way that isn’t possible even with social media today.

If you’ve been living in a cave and aren’t already following Ana here are the links to do so.

Ana Montana TV-Official YouTube Channel

Instagram @Ana_Montana

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ChatStar: Talk to Ana!

Twitter @ana_montana

Ana at other sites


Ana at BabePedia