Dana is Dynamite!

Let’s not waste any time! While it seems hard to top ourselves every time out, this was an easy one. Because we bring you not just a return, but the most anticipated return in the history of the site! Without any further ado welcome back the always dazzling¬†Dana Hamm!

Everything we said in our initial piece about Dana still rings true. Most notably at the we mentioned Dana’s tremendous longevity in the industry and that was over four years ago! Dana commitment to excellence has only brought her to new heights with each passing year. Her commitment to physical conditioning keeps her body the envy of well, pretty much everyone! Her keen mind for business enables her to not only stay on top of ever changing trends but thrive because of them. As an example her Instagram¬†page has over one million followers as of this writing. Rest assured any new platform that comes along Dana will not only utilize it but master it!

Another reason for Dana’s continued stay at the top of the mountain is her never ending quest to showcase the highest quality content possible. It’s rare you’ll see a picture of Dana that’s anything put perfect. These are marks of a consummate professional. All this said, Dana never forgets about many supporters, which is no doubt why the number of them continues to grow.¬† If your somehow not already one of them, just use the links below. If you’re already a fan you know the greatness that awaits you!

Dana’s Official Facebook Page

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Diva Spotlight #3: Dana Hamm

Welcome to the third installment of Diva Spotlight. My name is Mike Parker, the creator of the “TWV Divas” and “World’s Hottest Women” websites. When the owner of this site contacted me about opening it I was skeptical but willing to give my support. I also suggested a couple of names for future features. One of those names was Dana Hamm. A few weeks later they dropped the bomb on me. Would I be willing to come out of retirement to pen said feature? Given that there a few people in the industry I hold in as high esteem as Dana my answer was of course , a resounding “yes!” Having read the first two features on this site I’ll run it down in that format. So on that note, what is it that makes Dana stand out?

1-Saying that Dana is working model is an understatement. Dana is much more than that, she is one the few ICONS in the modeling industry. From magazines to digital to everything in between Dana has done it all and continues her unprecedented success after a decade and a half long career. Also notable is the fact Dana’s commitment to quality never wavers, you’ll never see in involved with a sub-par project!

2-More than just a model Dana is also a creator starting her own photography Iconic Beauty Images which not only produces top quality content for professionals but can even give your everyday person a professional photo shoot! These aren’t just any shoots either. While the standard bikini type shoots are available Dana’s company offers everything from historic “Route 66” shoots to even shoots with exotic animals. The imagery here is just off the charts, as you can see from the below samples.


3-Business minded. You’ll see a lot of women come and go in the modeling world. The reason? These ladies generally turn out to be pretty girls who don’t understand they are in a world of pretty girls, and while look is important it won’t take you (and keep you) on top. Realizing that modeling is a business and you need to treat it like one will.

4-Still understands the importance of her supporters. A while back Dana was presented with a fabulous opportunity that would have seen here go “off the grid” for a bit. I know this because she actually posted it on her social media asking her supporters if she should do it since it meant she would be gone for awhile. Proving even her fan base was above average the consensus was “go for it”.

5-Loyalty. Here’s where my personal experience comes in. Dana and I pretty much started the same year and within a few years she was working me with me not only appearing on my Divas website but giving me other models to feature as well. She also appeared on my WHW website. A lot of models only care about today’s hottest thing is. Going back to some of my other points Dana much smarter than that. She knows if the person themselves is of a high caliber , any project they work on will likely be too.

Here’s where you find Dana’s official pages.

Dana’s Official Facebook Page

Iconic Beauty Images: Dana’s photography company

Dana’s Instagram

Dana around the web

Dana at Babepedia


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