Diva Spotlight #9: Italia “Toochi” Kash

We realize it’s been awhile since we’ve put someone in the spotlight. There’s a reason for that. At Diva Spotlight, we’ve set the bar high, really high. We only want to give you the best. Someone who won’t just knock your socks off, someone you’ll have sweet (or not so sweet, hey we’re all adults here!) dreams about at night. For our ninth spotlight, we’ve found some who not only meets but exceeds the bar we’ve set. That person is the incomparable Italia “Toochi” Kash. So let’s run down the awesomeness!

1-The obvious. We usually save this for last, but with Ms. Kash, it’s #1! From her smoldering eyes, bountiful bosom, amazing assets, on down this woman is flat-out flawless!  In fact, if actual video did not exist of this sexy stunner we’d think someone made her up!

2-Willing to share all of the above with the world! Whether it’s her incredible Instagram, sexy Snapchat or other venues, Toochi is not shy about showing off all her killer curves at just the right angles. Often in the teeniest of bikinis or the most form fitting clothing imaginable. Let’s face it, society today can be a bit..prudish. Nice to see someone buck that trend.

3-Versatile. While some models excel in a certain area, Toochi can do it all and has! Whether it’s trade shows, heavy hitters like Maxim, worldwide editions of FHM, or standing out in a very crowded social media scene, this woman has made her mark!

4-Personable. Despite looking like a million dollars and an impressive resume as mentioned Toochi never comes off as anything but fun and likable. In our search for those deserve the spotlight, we can tell you more often that not this sadly not the case.

5- Screw it! You don’t want to wait any longer. WE don’t want to wait any longer.  Be sure to visit the links to get your fill (if that’s possible) of Toochi all day, every day!

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